CFB Borden


One of the advantages of being a modeller near Toronto (or South west Ontario in general) is being close to CFB Borden. CFB Borden, or Canadian Forces Base Borden is, well apart from being a Canadian Forces Base, an open air display of armoured vehicles. They are spread around the base and are quite diverse. Given that I am avid modeller, it is rather surprising that it is quite few years that I have paid visit to this unique place. When I was recently browsing through our digital family photo archives, I stumbled upon this collection of photos I have taken at the base. I don’t think it covers all the vehicles on display just those I have seen during my walk around. At least it helps to illustrate what can be seen…

From a modeller perspective it is interesting to see the paint job on the vehicles. I know, these are essentially museum pieces and most of them has not been moved in years, but still. Everything (apart from rubber) is green, or grey in case of Hetzer. I bet if there would be tools and stowage, they would have been painted with the same stroke of a paint gun.

So if I would try to be realistic modeller and have a piece painted in this fashion at the next model show, I think they would move me to some Junior category (at best)…

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