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Panther G – part 5: Weathering

Here are few more shots of the Panther after few days I have spent with weathering.

Since last time I have added wheels and tracks. i have tried to achieve winter look, but wanted to avoid all lower part of the vehicle covered in mud, to my eye it looks quite good. The tracks were muddied using a mixture of textured earth from Wilder, pigments and static grass. I applied it over the tracks with a brush. Since a colour was already good thanks to the pigments, I have only added another layer of pigments on top, once the mud has dried and fixed it in place with enamel thinner. I have added light coat of wet effects solution, but may give it few more passes to achieve bit more of the “fresh mud” look.

Same “mud” was also added in the front and rear lower hull. Covered it with light coat of mud brown colour to blend it and add transition from the muddied to non-muddied part of the vehicle and finally added very controlled mud splashes (both in terms of size and placement).

Most of the weathering on the hull was done with the streaking grime solution for winter vehicles. It can also be used to add general dirt on all the surface, not just streaks on the vertical ones. I think it is great way to add contrast to the winter wash. I have also used oils to add more colour variety to the finish. I have also used white oil paint to add highlights to the white finish in few places, again, to add more contrast.

Now I will be on to more weathering, will play with pigments to add more dirt and dust on the horizontal surfaces.

I am having great fun with this project and am quite happy with the look so far.


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