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Ferdinand – finished (?)

So finally here I am again with some update. Summer has been rather busy with only little time for models, but over the past months I was able to steal few minutes here and there to make at some progress.

Ferdinand was on my bench for way too long, so I was rather happy to spend some time weathering and finishing it. I have already put it aside, as I considered it finished. But as i was going through these pictures, I still feel there could be bit more richness to its finish.

Now, there will be natural limit to what I would want to add, while still preserving current weathering, which primarily aims at the look of dusted, not too heavily worn out vehicle (at least not in terms of chipping). There may be few spots where I could be looking at adding bit more depth, but it may take bit of contemplation to figure it out.

For now, here are few shots of its current state.

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  1. Looks good, maybe there should be a little bit more mud on the suspension/wheels, taking into account how the tracks and the lower hull is dirty around them, especially at the back of the vehicle. No more chipping required imho, these vehicles in most of the cases didn’t get a chance to get chipped. Thankfully.
    Keep up good work, best regards, Hubert

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