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Panther G – part 4: Winter wash

Over the past months (and years) I have been building mostly modern armour. Somehow, few weeks ago, I felt I need a change and get back to the WWII subjects and the Panther seemed the right kit to pick up again.

The kit was sitting on my shelf for some time with the camo painted, which I haven’t really liked that much, so was wondering what to do about it. I decided to give it a winter coat as I haven’t built “winterized” kit for quite a while and thus I could play with the hairspray techniques again a bit.

So far I am enjoying this project enormously, truth is that with WWII one can go wild with weathering, what is exactly what I am doing right now.

Taking pictures is bit difficult with white-on-white subject unfortunately I don’t have other background at home at this moment (will need to get some grey ones for situations like this).


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