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Panther G – part 6: Base


So here I am again with an update on the Panther and the work I got done over the past weeks.

Quite pleased with the look of the model I have decided to put it on the base. Nothing too complicated, just to provide backdrop on the vehicle with few simple components.

I followed simple process/technique for bases I have used in the past. The bottom part is picture frame, I have picked one of appropriate size. Here I have to say that I often see one common mistake done by diorama/base makers – they make the base too big, which then feels empty once finished. Lot of space and nothing going on. This empty space usually results in the feeling of the piece lacking any story… So my advice is – go for as as small base as can be. The vehicle should fit in (not necessarily all of it), and there should be just a bit of space to indicate the place and (maybe) a time, where the scene is taking place. Unless of course you are going for “richer” diorama, which is completely different story.

So once I got that right size, I build the upper part. It is made of styrofoam. In this case 3 layers of 1 inch thick foam, glued with white glue. I shape the surface to my desires, always adding slope to the ground. This adds the feeling of motion/action once the base is finished.

Walls are made from styrene, sizes cut to fit inside the opening on the picture frame. I glue the 4 foals together and then insert the styrofoam inside.

Surface is then created using the drywall compound, into which I insert any components before it dries.

Top layers on top is dirt and soil from my backyard, static grass, small roots and other pieces. In this case I have added piece of fence that I had in my spare parts box for long time.

One important step is to add also a “base” on which the tank will sit to make sure that the tracks have firm and flat space on which they can be placed. This is done from a piece of wood (in this case balsa).

By the way you can find video on all of the above steps on youtube – done by my long time friend and “modelling mentor” Dave Brown – check it out here!



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