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CV 9040 – Part 7: And the weathering still goes on


This project feels somehow cursed, it was again since last August that I have not posted anything about it, though it is one of the kits that I am trying to finish.

There were quite long periods of time, I have spent “meditating” what to do next. Obviously I have added mud splashes and then I tried to get the vehicle surface weathered in a consistent manner. This is where I got unhappy about the look I achieved using the pigments, so the kit was left sitting on my bench waiting for inspiration.

Over the recent days I have added second layer of darker mud splashes and went back to the top of the hull with the enamel wash. This another layer of wash I have applied on top of the pigments, and feel I got it back on track. The wash has darkened the look and gave it more “richness” I will apply the same treatment to the rest of the horizontal surfaces and see if that will get the look I am after.

Hopefully , it will not be another months/years before this gets finished…

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