About me


My name is Vladimir Adamec and I work as a Treasury Director for a financial company in downtown Toronto. I live in Mississauga with my wife and three kids.

I started to build models in 2004, shortly after I have moved from Europe to Canada. I found my new homeland to be a great place for an aspiring modeller with number of great people willing to help and share their knowledge and experience.

Model building is in my case fueled by the great interest I have in the WWII period and participation of Canada in the War. With memories of this not so distant history fading from the collective consciousness, I believe that modeling is a hobby that can help to preserve the experience of the past generations for the benefit of the future. Having European roots I am always on the hunt for more historical information on WWII events in my native lands – Slovakia and Czech Republic, these being rather few and sketchy after years of politically motivated twisting of history .

This blog is to be a reflection of my experiences and ideas primarily from the world of modeling, but you will also find here information on military and history that I find interesting and relevant for the modelling enthusiast. My hope is that you will find something interesting, helpful and inspiring on these pages.

When I am not building models you can occasionally see me in the ranks of Canadian and Loyalist regiments reenacting military conflicts of our past:

If you have any questions or comments, I would be happy to hear from you, please use the form below to send me a message.


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    • Thanks, would love to make Canadian Centurion, but there isn’t a kit of it out there and I don’t have enough references to convert existing kits.
      Never asked – did you serve in armour in Can Forces?

  1. Hi my name is Pete and I am currently serving in the Royal armoured corps and I build model tanks for Serving Soldiers and Ex Servicemen. I do have a web site for this. I have been with tanks for 35 years and been building them for about he same time. I like the work on this site is very professional I hope to pick up some good tips and pass on any I have. I have served on Chieftan – Chall 1 – Chall 2 – Scimitar – Warthog – Panther – Mastiff – e and have lots of pics to share.

    • Hi Pete, you’ve got nice site yourself too. I am big fan of the British and Canadian armour, so am happy with all the Churchills, Valentines and Matildas released recently in 1/35.
      Don’t you plan to put some armour pics from your collection on your site. There’s not that many good photos of modern british armour out there.
      Where did you serve?

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