My finished models

Below you can see selection of the models I have finished over the past years. I will be adding others, so come back to check what’s new.

Click on the pictures to see more pictures and build logs:

Merkava2DIMG_5664res  T64BVIMG_6850res

Flak18IMG_3954 res AMX30B2IMG_6169

MH1IMG_3339 res  T62IMG_3409 res

JagdTigerIMG_1170 res Char2CIMG_3312 res

NamerIMG_0917 res 2S3IMG_1003 res

T80IMG_0136 res BMP1IMG_1027 res

VoroshilovetsIMG_9496_res M1A1IMG_0126_res

KaMi_IMG_7293res BT7_IMG_7395res 








M26_IMG_8003res T3476_IMG_8080res

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  1. Fantastic model making I love every one, been a Tank Soldier I see real life tanks when I look at them. I hope to see more from you. Fancy doing a Chall 1 or 2 lol PS my favourite is the Panther great stuff.

    • Thanks, Chall 2 is on my to do list for a while, it’s just that with Tamiya kit (which is th best to start with) one has to add non-slip surface, which is not that easy…
      but you never know, I might give it a try….

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