Canadian TAPV on the horizon


It seems I didn’t pay close attention to the procurement of this next vehicle to be soon added to the arsenal of Canadian army. Delivery of Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle was originally planned to start in 2014 but is now apparently delayed until 2016 due to design issues identified during testing. Well, as long as it means that Canadian soldiers will be getting better vehicle, then be it…

Vehicle is delivered by Textron Systems Canada and seems to be genuinely Canadian product, though origins in  M1117 Armoured Security Vehicle, developed for use by the US Armed Forces, are clearly visible.

As a modeller I am afraid it is going to take some time to see this in 1/35 scale, but you never know.. (Hmmm? Trumpeter…?)

For now here is at least few photos of this vehicle and video by Textron Systems.

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