Finished models

Stalinets S-60

This is model of Russian artillery tractor Stalinets S-60. The vehicle was a direct copy of the American Caterpillar 60 and was originally used as agricultural tractor. Almost 70,000 of them were produced by the Chelyabinsk Tractor plant  between 1932 and 1937 (number used by red Army is unknown).

During the Operation Barbarossa numerous S-60 tractors were captured by the Wehrmacht, mostly because of its low speed – top speed was 8.4km/h. Due to this and also because number of more advanced tractors were captured, it was used by Wehrmacht only in limited scale – mostly with infantry divisions and local supply units. However many of those used by the Red Army survived and eventually reached Berlin in 1945.

The model is a neat small resin kit by Plus model. The quality of casting was fine and it went together without any significant problems. There is a fair amount of photoetch parts provided as well as vacuform cab cover, which I have not used.

I depicted it in the “captured” version, used as a tractor for the german 10.5cm light field howitzer.

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