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Dorchester – Build continues

I have been also looking at the Dorchester sitting on my desk over the past days.

One thing that I have decided is that I will not paint it in the camouflage from the North Africa as I originally intended, but rather in the colours of the Independent Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade. The reason is simple – as much as I don’t like to admit it, I am bit disappointed with the kit. There are definitely very good parts of it (nice surface details on the walls, very well done photoetch parts by Hauler, very nicely done instruction sheet, very nice resin parts), overall I think I expected more from this kit. Especially given the price.

Since I definitely want to build the African version, I will wait for the AFV kit with that one.

So, having thus changed plans, I have studied what changes on the construction and there is a quite a bit of difference. First of all, very prominent “nose” was added to the front of the vehicle. Not sure what this was for…? This has to be built from the photoetch parts. I decided to use soldiering as a method of attaching the two parts comprising this nose. As much as I had fear of soldering some year ago, I find it actually extremely simple and dare to say even faster than trying to fiddle with super glue.

I also added a door step to the back of the vehicle. More photoetch parts to come… (there is quite a bit of them).

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