New modelling magazine

I guess some of you may be asking: “So what…”. There’s quite few modeling magazines out there already, so why another one. I must admit there would be some true to that – the variety of magazines is quite high given that plastic modelling is not really mainstream hobby (perhaps with the exception of Japan). I personally consider magazines one of the best ways to learn and improve my techniques, though even this particular market is getting saturated and it is becoming more and more rare that some magazine brings something truly new and unique. (My personal favourite one is Model Military International and can proudly say that I have each single issue since the beginning).

Now there would be true to that opening statement, but the latest announcement is really somewhat different. I just learned (thx to facebook and AK’s site) about new modelling magazine purely dedicated to weathering. No reviews, no construction, just weathering. Now call that new. Frankly I am quite excited about this and eagerly waiting to see this on the shelves. Based on the first information, that can be found here, magazine will be published quarterly and the cost should be 8 EUR (we’ll see what that translates to in North America)

Frankly, I can’t wait to hold this one…

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