Military in the Middle East – Photoblog

On a note related to my previous post. Having learned about the Trumpeter’s BMP-1, I went looking online for any interesting photo reference on this vehicle. And as is usual, I stumbled upon very interesting site.

As its title says, this site – Military in the Middle East, is a blog of Middle East Military hardware aficionados. And yes, for modern armour fans with the slightest interest in Middle East wars will be an invaluable source. Unlike many other blogs, this site is regularly updated and offers a collection of photographs related to military vehicles and events in the middle East. The photographs are really unique and offers interesting insights into the Middle East history. Every photograph is captioned and even more obscure vehicles are properly identified.

The site is quite large, so far I haven’t checked all of its content, which covers many of the region’s countries’ armies and militias as well as various insurgent groups and peacekeeping forces.

Of particular interest I have found the recent pictures depicting conflict in Syria. From this photographic evidence it is clear that this country is effectively a war zone. The picture on the top of the post, is a sample of what you can find on the site. You can found more photographs here.

Whoever is the author of this site, I would like to thank him/them for bringing us all the information and photographs that can be found here. I will definitely be coming back regularly.

The home site of this blog can be found here.

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