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Ford G917T – Part 9: Pigments


It’s been few days from my latest post on the Ford build and most of the time I have been playing with the pigments, adding mud and dust. Before I have actually started, I have added more chipping and streaking using the methods described before, as I have felt that the truck is not weathered enough yet.

As for the application of the pigments, I have again learned something new – I replicated process from the new TankArt book by Mike Rinaldi, specifically the method of application that is described in the chapter about the Tiger I build (see page 87). I am quite impressed with the effect you can achieve using this simple method and I am definitely going to add it to my repertoire of techniques to be used in the future.

I was little disappointed yesterday, I am still working with the model, so to protect the existing look I have decided to airbrush thin layer of Mig’s pigment fixer. Somehow when this has dried, some of the subtle dust streaking has disappeared. Not sure what is the cause, I might need to add some more.

Another thing that may require fixing is that I have built some fine streaking and mud/dust splatters, but there is no other thin layer of dust applied as one would see on vehicle in such state, to fix I might just airbrush a thin dust overspray, trying not to destroy the subtle contrast that is there now.

I am currently in the process of weathering the cargo bed, I have applied first batch of pigments, but this area of the model will require layering – adding number of layers of weathering – combination of pigments and oil paints, so it may take some time.

The running gear is also rather too clean at this time. I have only added thin overspray of Tamiya Flat Earth of the base black coat. More pigments will be needed there as well.

Slowly the model starts to get the look I am after and I am hoping I am not that far from the finish line…


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