Mike Rinaldi Workshop video – hairspray

Here is another video from Mike’s workshop.

For long time I have been struggling with the hairspray method, as I wasn’t sure how to apply it. Make the hairspray layer too thin and you will not be able to lift the paint afterwards, make it too thick and paint will go in large chunks.

Again, seeing Mike do it opened my eyes, the true a-ha moment. I actually found out that the steps I thought necessary are not really that much-needed – the way Mike demonstrated the technique, the underlying base paint coat does not need to be protected by gloss coat. Having applied hairspray in two layers in a way shown in the video was enough.

He did use Tamiya acrylic thinner or water for top paint layers and did the chipping step immediately after the application.

So again, hope the video will help…

(For more in-depth description of the hairspray method get Mike’s excellent TankArt books, you don’t have one yet?)

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