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Char 2C – Part 2: Primer

Char2CIMG_0441 [res]

With the construction phase of the Char 2C finished, I decided to prime the model using my trusted Tamiya white primer from can. This is rather easy when the weather outside (primarily the temperature) is normal. These days, with the polar vortex behind the door, this was an interesting exercise (doing it inside is usually not a good idea…)

I was bit lucky that I managed to do this on a day when the temperature was not so crazily below zero, but it was still below zero. And windy. I could see that the primer, once applied had slightly different consistency as it hit the surface of the model, especially as I was outside for few minutes. The outcome in the end wasn’t that bad. The primer coverage is little lighter, but with the primer coat this is not that much of an issue. The layer of primer is thin and smooth, occasional surface imperfections were easily fixed with a 600-grit sandpaper.

So now I can go on with the base coat. That is, as soon as I figure out what shade exactly is Vallejo Olive Green, as the only colour reference provided in the Meng instructions is for Vallejo paints.

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