For diorama lovers…

For all of you diorama fans and builders out there who are looking for some inspiration and know-how on the web – three of my favorite sites, which you should not miss:


Alamedy Diorama – facebook page of a modeler from Iraq. If this guy can can make all those things, the rest of the modeling world should stop complaining that it is too difficult… A lot of great work, focusing on urban scenes and buildings.


Satoshi Araki – Another great modeller, this time from Japan. If you are looking for definition of ultra-realistic sceneries, you don’t need to search any further. It is almost hard to believe you can do this in scale.


The Fos Blog – Primarily aimed at railway modelling, but with tons of useful tips and techniques for armor dioramas. Lots of pictures illustrating the techniques accompanied with detailed descriptions. Check it out, you will definitely learn something.

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