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CV 9040 – Part 3: Preshading and running gear


So here I am back after bit of a break which is purely due to the fact that it is summer. Not surprisingly there is less time to spend on models given that the weather has been great so far. I sometimes snatch time to do some building sitting at the backyard (more about that later).

In that bit of a time I get late in the evening, I have pulled out some models that are close to finish (or at least appear so) and I am trying to get them done. One of these is CV 9040 that I have built last summer (was surprised that last picture I have taken were in July 2015). The model was preshaded and ready for painting, but as with other vehicles with side skirts I decided to paint and weather the running gear and lower hull. I don’t like this step as it lows me from the cool part of painting and weathering the hull, but it has to be done.

Some time was also taken by assembling friul tracks, but all is done now, so I am enjoying painting already…

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