Welcome to my new(ish) blog site

As you have noticed by this time, my blog has undergone some radical change in its visual form. Frankly it wasn’t really planned. Even before I was looking at improvements to the way this page looks, but I never really found theme that looked good and had all the customizable features I was looking for. Until now. Today I have discovered this new theme which I really like and after some experimenting decided to switch to the new look. Well, it was also about a time. Since I have started this blog almost 30 months ago, not a lot has changed in its look, aside from some small cosmetic changes. Since that time I have bit more content here and hope this new design will help showcase it.

I hope you will like this new look as much as you liked the old one and won’t find it much “cluttered” with all the different features. As always, I would be happy to hear from you about this new look.

Welcome to new(ish) MiniArmour.


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