I feel inspired…


Just a few days ago I have been writing here about a new paint set from Mig Jimenez for the vehicles of the Yom Kippur War. Some day later I was looking for an online place where one could order this thing and found out that this product has an interesting box art – in a way similar to the AK’s product (surprise, surprise), there are few – 5 in this case, colour plates of the vehicles provided as a reference for the use of the colours. And they are great.

I consider myself quite well read when it comes to Yom Kippur war, but I find these colour plates extremely interesting and in some cases I haven’t seen reference photo yet on which they could have been based. Also, not accidentally, most of these vehicles are in my stash. Well, the BMP was just recently finished. ZSU 23-4 sits half-built on my shelf and I occasionally pull it out, but it’s a dog of a kit. Really, it would take a fresh version by now… By the way, Chris Jerret has starting working on it recently (check it out on his blog here), so maybe we are going to see one soon (?).

PT-76 and BTR-50 are available from Trumpeter and they are quite good kits (and photoetch for the PT-76 is already on the way from China…). Not sure about the last one, will need to have a look at that rockety thing.

Somehow I feel that some of those vehicles may appear on this blog soon…

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