Russia’s T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank

Russian army is to start receiving new main battle tank in the next year or so and here are some concept shots of this new vehicle – T-14 Armata battle tank.

It seems that we may need to wait a bit till we see it in real, but if it would really resemble this concept shots, then we may finally see a tank departing from the “traditional” look of the Russian main battle tanks. From the front it actually looks a bit like Merkava, mostly due to the turret profile.

Armata is supposed to be a universal platform for battle tank, IFV, ARV and other versions of vehicles…well, let’s see about that.

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  1. Sure would like to see a nice 1/72 T-10 and of course the Armata. Heck, I’d even take one of those in 1/35 scale.
    Alamo Defender

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