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    • Hi Frank,
      I use Tamiya can primer. It’s easy and quick to use and I find out that unlike some other primers it can be sanded smooth. I use grey one just because it’s easier to take pictures of, but white is fine too.

      • Thanks for your reply! Yeah don’t get me started on the sanding problems with acrylics. I tried Tamiya’s white can primer before but it seemed a bit on the coarse side. Do you decant it by any chance? Guess it deserves a second chance…

        Thanks again!


      • HI Frank, I apologize, I completely forgot that I wanted to reply to you. Give that Tamiya primer a second chance, I think it works great. I do not decant it, but use it straight from the can. The point is that always do only one quick pass, which starts and ends pointing off the model. Maintain the distance of about 10 inches / 25cm so that the paint does not accumulate around details the whole movement of the paint stream takes only about 1 second, meaning, I move it quickly, again to avoid accumulation of paint. If needed, you can do multiple passes to get better coverage and you can change the angle at which you are applying the primer. Also do not try to achieve 100% coverage, it is not needed, and would just result in thick coat of paint in the most exposed areas. I hope this helps a bit, please feel free to ask more question if not. Cheers, Vlad

    • Hi, no I have used chinchilla sand, fixed in place by sand & Gravel fixer. The model was featured in Abrams squad magazine earlier this year, you can find more details on the build there.

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