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Adam Wilder is one of the most influential armour modellers these days and his work has inspired me on number of occasions. Recently he also entered the space of commercial products for weathering products, modelling tools and number of other things. So it was only a matter of time, that interesting web site featuring his products and work would pop up…

And I have just discovered it today…and there is really a lot to see, in addition to the catalog of his products, there are number of instructional videos and tutorials, which seem to be very well done – I have just checked out one so far, but will definitely watch all the other. Of course you can also find here pictures of Adam’s many famous models (in few cases I even didn’t know he is the author), many of which were previously featured in modeling magazines.

If you like Adam’s work (and even if you don’t, though I am not sure how could that be…?), be sure to check the site here:

You may also want to visit and like his facebook page here.

And for all those from around Toronto – Adam is going to be at Hornet Hobbies in two weeks, so if you want to see him live, make sure to call Dave or Trish a book your spot! See program of Adam’s visit below:



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