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M47 E/M


So after few months it finally it looks I am back from my modelling break. Most of my tools are back from storage and now I am hoping to find all the components of the unfinished pieces among the myriad of boxes.

Today I have set up my photo table again and tested it on the model I have been playing with during the summer and here it is.

M47 from Takom. As usual from Takom, I was inspired by their boxart and the fact that the kit can be built in desert finish in Iranian colors.

The kit itself was very enjoyable to build (as far as I can recall after few months) and I don’t remember running into any troubles with it. The level of details is very good and some tiny parts are nicely molded (e.g. protecting frames for periscopes, small lifting eyes on the rear hull top). I would prefer if the jerry cans on the sides of the turret basket would be molded separately from their mounting brackets.

Stowage frames on the turret sides are also very nicely done, they will need little bit of filler around the attachment points on the hull , but this should be easy to deal with.

One particular point of the model that I like is the muzzle brake that has distinct shape and looks good given that Takom did great job on the barrel molding.

So after few touch ups, this piece will be ready for primer!

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