Battle of Leopards


So it seems, another battle of the same kits from two different producers is waiting for us. I spotted notifications about upcoming Leopard 2 kits on facebook sites of Hobby Boss and Tiger models in the past days.

Hobby Boss’ offering should be OK, judging based on their past work. They are not the top of the pack, but if they won’t make any stupid mistakes, it could good kit. I am more intrigued about the Tiger models’ offering. I have built only their AMX-10RCR SEPAR kit and it was surprisingly good for a newcomer, so I am curious what the experiences with this one will be…?

One thing I have to say – HB (and Trumpeter when it comes to that as well) should really step up their PR game! Come on – one blurry picture with terrible greyish background is not going to get me excited and feel like I cannot wait for the kit to come out! They could learn a ton from the ones like Takom – their boxart always make me want buy the kit even if I have no interest in the vehicle itself!

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