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Achzarit – part 6: Running gear & weathering

Looking at my last post about Achzarit, I realized it must have been quite some time since I gave update on this project.

This is actually one of my projects, which is most advanced and closest to finish, though by no means close. I have added wheels long time ago as well tracks and did some weathering, not too heavy though. As for the main body, I added more than one layer of wash at this stage, though it is hard to see. The contrast I was hoping to add with the wash somehow… is just not there. It still feels as if the canvas was blank.

So I think I will still spend some time playing with oils and washes before I move on the heavier pigment application.

Weapon stations are at this momen still not attached, I will leave them off until the end, too much risk of breaking something if I add them now.


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