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Panther G – part 3: Saga continues

After spending my modelling time in the past two weeks playing with pigments, I needed a break, so I have pulled out my panther G built long time ago. This piece was painted and repainted few times and by now I am in mood of “let’s see what we can make with it…”

This is the first model that I am painting with Mission models paints, so far they are working well, though i was bit struggling with the fine work on the camo pattern.

Camouflage was painted free hand, I have first outlined the green and brown fields with brush and then filled it with airbrush. It is strange how the pictures bring out all the imperfections in the paint job, which though not perfect, in reality does not look as bad. But, I am not repainting it again. I will move on to weathering from here and see what I can get from it…

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  1. Looking good. I don’t think the Germans had actually used any masking, so wouldn’t worry about the imperfections, if there are any, can hardly see them. Did you use the same Mission Models paints for the brush? How did they work? Asking about this having some experience with paints working well in the airbrush, but rather poor with regard to the brush-painting, like Gunze or Tamiya. Best regards, Hubert

    • Hi Hubert, I agree that the real camo paint jobs could have been far from perfect, that’s why I am not much fussed about it. Yes I have used Mission model paints. I had bit of trouble maintaining consistently steady paint flow at low flow through the airbrush trying to achieve finer line. I felt the paint is still bit too thick and has tendency to accumulate at the tip of the airbrush needle. I experimented with different thinners and toward the end of the painting I felt that Tamiya lacquer thinner seemed to be working very well, it just needs to be mixed in higher proportion than the Mission Models thinner. I have not tried to brush the paint, for this I am only using vallejo paints as they work best for that purpose. Hope this helps… Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers, Vlad

  2. Thanks! I’m also using Vallejo paints for the brush (and now only for the brush due to the airbrush clogging issues), however usually, these paints’ “authentic” shades are quite different from those proposed by other paints producers, which is the case especially with regard to the RLM colors. It seems it is not easy to find a good multi-purpose brand of paints. Best regards, Hubert

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