Ajax Model Show 2011

On the last October Saturday modeling folks from near and far again gathered in Ajax for the regular top of the season modeling event. This year’s show was well attended and there were quite a few pieces on the tables that impressed. Since I did not participate in judging and didn’t enter any models in the contest, I was free to roam around and enjoy.

Though 1/35 scale armour is my domain, I must admit I was most impressed with some small-scale models (Sherman, M113 and Humvee), ships (Snowberry corvette was really piece of art) as well as planes (1/32 scale Zero).

For those who missed this show, here are some shots of what was on display.

For more pictures, see my gallery here: Ajax Model Show 2011

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  1. Hello,

    You have some excellent pics of one of my models. Do you mind if I like them to a build forum? If you do, no worries, I need to set up a photo op for this model and I am a little lazy!



  2. Vlad,

    Thanks for the compliment! There were some fantastic models at that show. Which ones were yours?

    I used Tamiya’s 1/32 A6M2 Zero. The build was OOB with painted markings so no aftermarket. Aside from wiring up the engine and adding the cord to the cockpit chair, the model really doesn’t need any aftermarket. There is a PE set included in the box. It is pretty much the best kit I have built. I think I only used a bit of putty along parts of one seem.


    • I’m impressed, would have never guessed it’s OOB. The kit must be really good.
      I didn’t have anything on the table this time, haven’t finished anything in time.
      Next time…

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