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I started this kit, because I needed break from a longer project and was looking for a simple straightforward build. I decided to try Tamiya’s BT-7. In spite of their reputation, I rarely build Tamiya kits, unlike many others, somehow their choice of subjects is not on the top of my want-to-build list. Also, in my opinion Tamiya kits are too simplified, when compared to most other kit producers and also less detailed (I know, this might some like a heresy for many out there) – many of their surface details are molded-on, other producers would make the same kit with much higher parts count.

Anyhow, for the break I needed this seemed the right kit. Indeed the build is straightforward, fit of the parts is excellent with one or two exceptions, which surprisingly are never mentioned in reviews, though they are quite prominent.

I wanted to use this model to test some new techniques – I planned to show a machine, which might have travelled a lot, but haven’t really seen much combat. For this I added layer of accumulated dry mud on the lower hull using Mig pigments – for anyone interested in my technique, I hope to have an article about it here in some time. The effect still need to be finalized by blending the weathering on lower and upper parts of the kit.

I also tested technique used by Steve Zaloga on his excellent Matilda model, using the liquitex blending medium added  to the oil-based wash. I am not that happy with the effect, I think I did not mix the wash sufficiently, it left visible map on the top of the hull.

I also used Mig’s Oil and Grease Stain Mixture to simulate spilled fuel around the fuel tanks on the sides of the hull.

The model is built out of the box, using the photoetch parts included in the kit. The metal used by Tamiya is rather strong and I strongly recommend to anneal the grill on the rear hull before trying to shape it.

For the markings I used one of the kit’s options as well as the colour mixture recommended in the instructions. I like this colour, it seems rather natural and vibrant at the same time and will definitely be using it (or some modification of it) on my future Russian models.

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