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BT-7 – Part 2: Some more weathering

Having been playing with the weathering of the JSU, I decided to touch up the BT-7 that was sitting on my desk for a while. The kit has essentially become a test kit as I was trying some new techniques, some of which have not worked up that well.

As a result of the weathering steps applied, the model lost the vibrancy of the base colour and lacked the contrast, making it look bit dull. I have decided to try to correct this by adding some more chipping and essentially using the techniques I applied to JSU. Some of the chipping will neet to be added using a fine brush as it has to be applied at places, where I won’t be able to apply my trusted techniques – localized drybrushing and sponge, such as edges of the turret hatches.

I also played with the AK’s engine oil wash and tried to apply it on the wheels. Because these were weathered quite a bit with the pigments, the wash spread quite a bit, more than I have expected. I will try to work on it bit more, to see if I can improve the effect.

It did work quite well as can be seen on the pictures. Not that I would be 100% happy with the result, for that I would need to start from scratch, but id doesn’t look bad. It will still need some dust and mud as the upper parts of the model look little clean, so pigments will have their turn.

UPDATE as of July 1, 2013: It has been quite few months since the last post on this model and I have decided to call it finished as I do not plan to be working on it, apart from using the model as a guinea pig for testing new things…

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