Leopard C2 Mexas from Takom


This got to be the news of the week, if not the of the month.

I noticed this posted on facebook as I was traveling home today and first I wasn’t sure if it’s true or not. It was only posted on a facebook page of one of the (many) modelers’ groups. Takom currently does not have working website or it seems that the one they have is only for iphones. But now it seems that it is actually true, which again should make fans of the Canadian armor happy. I haven’t seen any model kit from Takom yet, so we’ll see what the quality will be.

In any case, if you’re were thinking about that Mexas conversion from Legend, I think you can hold on to your money for now.

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  1. Wow, a January release I believe. And I almost bought the Legend conv kit. The only thing that stopped me was the inavailability of the Italarie base kit.

    • Hi Martin,
      same with me, I have already bought one conversion set long time ago, but the quality was not that good. I was also looking at Legend’s set, but luckily didn’t go for it.

  2. I recently bought the Takom Leonard C2 Mexas Tank. I have just explored the box and it looks like they have done a fairly good job &
    the Instruction book looks fairly good. I was only confused on the painting of the model. They suggest the hull & turret parts be painted
    XF 58, XF 57 & XF 3. I have looked at various Canadian tanks in
    Afghanistan & they seem to be painted in very light colors I would imagine to blend with the countryside. But all of these colors would come out quite bright. any of you wizzes have any suggestions

  3. I have bought the 2003 Kit. I find most thing ok, but when it came to the tracks I gave up it is delicate and time consuming. I will wait until a After market built track comes out if not I will junk it.
    Disgusted will never buy a Takom product again. Tamiya always puts out beautiful tracks.

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