ACV Dorchester by SKP Models – New kit

Now here comes a model, that will make many fans of British armoured vehicles happy. SKP model from Czech Republic just announced release of ACV Dorchester plastic kit in 1/35 scale.

I might be mistaken, but I believe this is the first time this vehicle is being released in 1/35 plastic model kit. Based on the pictures released by the SKP model, marking for 4 vehicles are to be provided, including what I believe will be the most popular – vehicle of 2nd Armoured Division in Libya 1941 sporting Caunter camouflage scheme.

Sales are supposed to start on January 25 this year. I have already tried to place a preorder, so hopefully one will be coming soon my way.

SKP website, where you can order the kit is here.

UPDATE as of February 6, 2012: I have posted first impressions from this kit – you can find it here.

UPDATE as of February 12, 2012 – See my first impressions of this kit here and build pictures here.

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