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L6/40 is a tiny model from Italeri, which I have built at least 3 years ago. It is one of the models that due to its small size have a lot of details packed in small package, so I got tempted to put it together.

In terms of quality, well it is Italeri…Details are very nice, but there are some parts of the model, where I was wondering whether someone has actually tried to build it before it was distributed to the retailers. The fit is not bad, with some exception. At the rear, the vehicle has L-shaped brackets that hold the fenders in place, these are however molded as two parts in the kit with about 1mm gap between them, which has to be filled. It is curious, as anyone looking at the kit would have to question what the parts are supposed to be…

After looking at the kit’s tracks I have decided to replace them with Friul tracks. This essentially doubles the price of he model, but it significantly improves the look. Be prepared for some tiny track links…

There were two big issues which I have failed to address: First, the gun, as simple as it is should better be replaced just with a piece of tube. The kit’s it does not align properly, so the barrel looks crooked at the end. The other thing is the alignment of the idler wheels. Only after I had glued them in place, I have discovered that the tracks are misaligned and are not sitting flat on the ground. So if you are building this little piece, watch out for these…

The painting was rather straightforward, there are some interesting marking options provided for camouflage versions of the vehicle, however give its size in 1/35 scale I could not imagine how to paint the camo in scale, so have decided to go for the dark yellow option. This also gave me a lot of potential for weathering, which again due to the model size can stand out.

There is a lot of aftermarket parts available, but given their price, you might decide, whether these are needed. One nice thing from Italeri was inclusion of the small colour booklet, that definitely is above the standard instructions provided these days.

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