Canadian Forces Combat Camera

For those who haven’t heard about it, Canadian Forces Combat Camera is unique online source of images documenting operations of Canadian Forces since 1990. It provides wealth of imagery in excellent quality and with minimum time delay. Pictures show the life and activities of Canadian soldiers during their operations.

I have been following Combat Camera primarily for its excellent coverage of the deployment of Canadian Forces of Afghanistan. In my opinion these images are some of the best sources of reference and of inspiration for the modern armour fans and modellers that can be found.

Source of the pictures shown below is the Department of National Defense website, which can be found here (Pictures were resized, please visit the Combat Camera site to see the full resolution images). Images shown are just a small selection from a much larger collection, that Combat Camera provides, I have selected primarily the ones depicting armoured vehicles. Images below are the ones from the year 2011, I will also be posting some older pictures in the future.

Copyright notice – this reproduction is not an official version of the materials reproduced and has not been made in affiliation with or with the endorsement of the Department of National Defence.

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