J’s Work Silicone Molds

On the last day of the previous year I took the advantage of the holiday discount at luckymodel and ordered five silicone molds from J’s work. Haven’t really read about the company that much before, there was a review of the product on armorama site (see here), but I liked the concept of being able to cast my own bricks, tiles or pavement stones, so decided to give it a try.

I have ordered five molds – tiles, bricks and brick wall, pavement stone and pavement section.

After waiting 3 weeks (what was much longer than I expected that the delivery would take) I have received the molds and checked them out.

At first glance I was bit disappointed as the silicone molds had quite a bit of casting bubbles in them and I was afraid, that these would be to the detriment of the quality of the casts that one can make. To check it out I have mixed some plaster and poured it into the pavement section mold to see for myself what the result will be.

Here I was quite surprised. The bubbles on the molds have not really affected the result that much – some of them remained filled with air during the casting, so they have not affected cast pavement. The remaining few are hard to spot and can be either removed easily or incorporated into weathering and dusting of the pavement.

I apologize for lower quality of the photos, but it’s difficult to take picture of white piece of silicone…

I really like these molds and I am already looking forward to use these molds on my future diorama projects. Given that they each cost 6 bucks, I consider this very good investment.

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