Finished models

Panzer IV Afrika Korps

This is one of my really early models. I can’t even remember exactly when I have built it, but it must be at least 5 years.

Given my level of experience at that time, the result is not bad at all. The paint job was quite good, weathering maybe bit rough, application of pigments little chaotic, but the results looks quite nice. I have even painted two figures (this really must be one of the last occasions when I have painted a figure, one of them got knocked from the base already).

The kit is the one from Dragon, used some photoetch parts and friul tracks. As far as I can remember, I haven’t really encountered any problems during the build phase.

The only surprise came at the end of the work – I have found out that somehow the open commander’s hatch got deformed (maybe melted from lamp being too close? don’t know), so had to hide it somehow. I decided to place a map on top of it.

The base was really simple, bit too flat, but the desert surface came out quite nice. I cast some rocks using Woodland Scenics molds and used them to break the monotonous surface.

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