Few (not so) new releases

It’s been some day since the Shizuoka show, and the new announcements of the armour kits made during the show are not so new by this time, but I wanted to offer my view on what’s coming.

First of all there wasn’t that many announcements that are worth mentioning, gazilionth version of a Panzer III is not going to get a lot of space on this blog…

But Dragon has surprised with other news: First of all there was an announcement of another Japanese tank in 1/35 scale – Type 95 Ha-Go light tank. After the great success of Ka-Mi, there were undoubtedly many Japanese armour fans hoping for more (myself amongst them) – and luckily Dragon has not left us disappointed. I was looking at Ha-Go for some time now, but since the only offering from Finemolds can only be found online (nothing in my local hobby store) for a price I consider little too high, this announcement definitely is one of my favourites recently.

Another interesting release is to be Dragon’s Maultier. I guess because of the trademark, Dragon could not say Opel Maultier, as that’s what I believe this is. This vehicle is one of those makeshift vehicles that have some beauty hidden in their crudeness, you either love it or hate it. The Italeri kits has already seen its years, so this should be more than welcome by armour modellers.

Another announcement that surprised me not that much by the vehicle announced as rather by the company announcing it was Sd. Kfz. 263 by Bronco. If anybody would ask me before the show which producer would be coming with this kit, my answer would be straightforward – AFV Club. After having released their 231 and 232 eight-wheelers, 263 is rather logical choice. So this kit being announced by Bronco leaves me thinking what else has Bronco in the pipeline.

Anyhow, AFV Club has not disappointed either and few days afterward announced their 263 coming sometimes hopefully soon…

Speaking about AFV and their eight-wheelers: Terry Ashley has recently published preview of their Sd. Kfz. 232 (see here). This kit is on my shopping list, but I decided I will skip this particular kit (AF 35232). Why? Upon reviewing what is in the box I realized that AFV only offers markings for vehicles from the early campaigns (seems like Poland to me) without any option for the DAK version. Now I don’t think AFV would make such a mistake as not to offer marking that would be perhaps the most popular one, so I believe that another 232 kit will be coming shortly, and this time it is going to be the desert yellow version.

So what do you think? Anything that made your day?

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    • Come on Peter, I think the last months were quite generous to the modeller – MATV, Buffalo, some pieces I wouldn’t dream to have in plastic just a year ago…
      What is it that you would like to see coming?

      BTW – Hope you celebrated Jubilee today.
      God save the Queen!

      • I would like to see a lot more Brit modern equipment,and like fv432 mastiff, ferret, bull dog, warthog, Saladin, stalwart, in plastic,not resin. another chieftain up dated instead of using the same old mk2-3 to up grade, I think tamiya misses a trick or are they taking tips from accurate Armoure with there expensive resin up grades lol

      • Yes, that’s going to be hard…
        I could see the chieftain getting decent replacement for the old tamiya kit, but the rest….
        Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of the other vehicles did not see lot of action and was mostly use by the British army only (?)

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