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Panzer IV Ausf C – Part 3: Weathering


And here is another piece that I have pulled out of the closet. I have been working on the Panzer IV few months ago and loved playing with the modulation.

Then started the weathering stage and I have ended with the pigments, that I wanted to use heavily on the lower hull and running gear. I always go for some contrast when using pigments, but this time I didn’t like the look I ended up with. The contrast between the light and dark pigments was simply too high (as can be seen on the pictures). Not sure what to do with it, I set it aside and “meditated” about it, at some point thinking about trying to remove the pigments and start again.

Few days ago I got an idea of using the AK weathering enamel colors to fix the problem and things got better, more about it next time…

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