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Merkava IV – Part 3: Construction (cont’d)

When starting this kit I have planned to stick to what is in the box as it seemed there should be enough to build a nice kit with it. Now, as is usually the case, the deeper I get into the construction phase, the more I realize that this or that part should better be replaced with some aftermarket alternative as it really does not meet my standards.

To start with – I have already got photoetch parts from Eduard.

Having looked at number of reference pictures I realized that there is one part of the vehicle, which will create problem – antenna mounts. On almost all the photographs of Merkava IV in the field, antennas are bend backwards and tied down – and his is an effect that practically cannot be replicated with antenna mounts moulded in plastic. Luckily I found out that Voyager actually produces (and sells separately) antenna mounts for Merkava series tanks. I have ordered one set of these from eBay, as the cost was only something more than $10.

The set is very simple to use, though the parts are really tiny and it will be “interesting” to find out how to position and bend them.

In any case I was very pleased that such product is actually available as without it there is no easy way on how to replicate this particular effect.

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    • Well I am curious myself how will this work out. Never used it before, but it should definitely look better than plastic.
      I wanted to ask – do you know if British Army was/is using M1070 truck tractors with trailer (the one Hobby Boss released recently)? I would definitely prefer to build in in British markings if they do…

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