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JSU-152 – Part 2: Construction (cont’d)

Summer is here and as every year it means there is less time for modelling. In spite of all the work that is suddenly to be done around the house I am trying to keep some pace of work on the JSU and Merkava.

JSU is really nice kit, typical Tamiya. I do appreciate straightforward and rather simple construction. During my last visit at Dave’s Hornet Hobbies I picked up Friul tracks for this kit. Somehow I feel that the ability to have more pronounced sag of the tracks add to the feeling of the weight of this behemoth. Also given that after I have removed almost all the fenders, tracks will be very visible part of the vehicle I plan to spend some time painting and weathering them. Friul tracks for JSU are very nicely detailed and I actually find them quite easy to assemble. They also have the advantage that using them I can avoid all the problems with the fit of the plastic tracks – once these are shaped and glued together, you have to pray that they will still fit the wheels…

I have also asked Dave to get me the barrel for JSU-122, as I was not able to find any source of this item online. It means that I am temporarily stuck with the construction and cannot attach the mantlet to the superstructure, I just want to make sure that I won’t have any problem fitting the barrel. This would likely be more difficult once the mount is attached to the front glacis plate.

At the rear I will need to spend some time recreating the surface structure of the parts that are normally hidden by the rear fenders. I have found some interesting reference pictures on Mig’s blog (see here), so at least I have some reference to go by. And as usually, I found out that some parts that I have already removed will have to be recreated, but this should not be such a big deal.

I am also already thinking about the base for this beast. I have some vision of urban or industrial environment with collapsed buildings and a lot of debris around. I will have to go through my diorama accessories’ box (or rather boxes) to get some more inspiration. Sometimes I am surprised myself with all the things that can be found there.

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