Video tutorials on the web

One of the most useful ways of how to learn new techniques and see other modellers at work these days are video tutorials. There is already quite a few of DVDs out there and wanting to see what’s it worth I bought few of them. And some of these were really one of the best investments I have ever made in terms of the things I have learned.

Even easier these days are tutorials posted on the net. They are usually shorter and of course free, but most of the time quality suffers accordingly. Recently Meng – the now famous producer of Merkava IIID – posted link to the video of a model build featuring their pickup truck kit. I was quite impressed with the quality. Picture quality is high, sound is good, originally in Spanish, video has decent subtitles in English. At the same time the modeller featured in the video is one with good experience judging by the very nice result of his effort.

Again, one of the inspirations that make me pick up the phone and call local hobby store: “Eh, do you still have that pickup kit from Meng…”

You can also find the video here:

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