Weathering reference – Rust & Chipping

I understand that there are people out there who don’t build scale models. One of them is my neighbour, whose hobby is collecting and repairing motorcycles and old cars. Most of them are usually repaired, preserved and turned into polished beauties.

Nevertheless, the one that got my attention was a piece which is now sitting at the driveway across the street for quite a while and quite clearly steps out of the average.

I am not even trying to pretend I have a clue what model this car is, apart from the fact that it is Chevrolet, which is impossible to miss. Its age has however left beautiful signature on the vehicle, one that I find aesthetically appealing and at the same time useful – as a weathering reference. Isn’t this what we are trying to replicate with all the washes, chips, hairspray techniques and you-name-what secret weathering processes.

So I hope you will enjoy as much as I do:

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