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JSU-122S – Part 19: Base – preshading

After having placed all the pieces on the base and letting it dry for a few days, I have applied the preshading. This was done by airbrushing very dark mix of black and khaki drab over the whole surface (I have not added Tamiya clear o the mix, the base cover finish should be flat). The purpose is very much similar to preshading on a vehicle – to blend all the different materials and elements on the base, provide a base for further paint layers, add depth to the paint finish and last, but not least to create shades.

This last point is quite important, one advantage of this preshading layer is that you can and actually have to go over the surface until there are no unpainted spots, so that all the corners and hidden spots are dark, no need for finesse here, just airbrush until everything is covered. I have actually realized, that next time I am doing this, I might as well do the first coat using a can paint, it would save me a lot of airbrush time.

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