On Display – Stug III

For any serious armour modeller, the name Canfora Publishing must be a name with established reputation by this time. The company’s history is not actually that long, neither its list of titles (at least compared to other publishing companies in the hobby), but the lack of quantity is completely compensated by the quality that is offered.

During the recent Ajax model show I have picked up the latest publications from this company and I was not disappointed. I sometimes tend to be critical toward the modelling magazines and books, but in case of the book On Display – Sturmgeschutz III, it is really difficult to find something to criticize. Canfora built on the success of its previous titles and without a doubt, inspired by the success of its Panther book, brought us publications that in my opinion is even better. As title suggest, the book solely focuses on build articles with the topic of Stug III. The choice of the vehicle is very good, Stug III saw a long operational life, pretty much from the beginning till the end of the WWII and accordingly offers number of variants and options. The number of articles is reduced compared to the Panther book, just seven of them, but these are really in-depth, step-by-step studies, lavishly accompanied by the photographs of the highest quality. The book also reduced the amount of text dealing with the historical background and focuses primarily on the modelling aspect.

The name of the modellers who participated in this project is no less impressive – Volker Bembennek, Bernhard Lustig, Michael Rinaldi, Radek Pituch , Roger Hurkmans and Toni Canfora are in my opinion among the best modellers these days and definitely among my favourite ones. Quality of the models  presented is first class and the choice of subjects is varied, providing opportunity to explore number of modelling techniques.

Seriously, this book is a must for any armour modeller and I see myself keeping it at hand for long time.

More information can be found on the site of the Canfora Publishing here.

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