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Char 2C – Part 6: Finish

Char2CIMG_3311 res

As those of you who have been to Ajax model show have seen, I have finished this piece. Or rather declared it finished, there is always something to add, refine, improve…

The last steps were mostly touching up details. I have added rust to the exhausts at the top by masking and airbrushing them first with Tamiya red-brown colour and going over them with rust pigments, using both old and standard rust.

Along the exposed edges I have rubbed metal pigments with my fingers to give them sheen of rubbed-off metalic surfaces. Engine grime, oil and fuel spills solutions from AK interactive were added in selected spots to underline the impression of worn out, oily machine, that has see quite bit of travel, though no action.

Addition of antenna, which was made from metal wire added third dimension to the model. Based on the very few available photographs I was able to find online, the antenna was actually bit thicker, but it is hard to tell as most of the pictures are of relatively low quality.

Instead of using clear part on the front light, I have filled the space with two part epoxy, but somehow I ended up with small bubbles inside, not sure why. This was second time this has happened to me, while before I never had this problem. Will have to experiment a bit more with this.

I am not fully happy about the tracks, I don’t think they are weathered well. I will have to find a way how to better add dust and soil and blend it into the track links.

But here it is, another one down. Enjoy!


See previous part / See main build log page

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