Korea – The Forgotten War


If there is anything more forgotten in the history of warfare than the Korean war then it must be the story of the Canadians participating in this conflict. If you walk into an average bookstore in Canada, the chances are slim that you will find anything dealing with this part of our history, simply because there is not that much book on this topic.

That was one of the reasons why I was surprised when I spotted the latest publications by the Legion Magazine, specifically dedicated to this topic. This booklet is unique and I find the format and content very appealing, almost makes me feel I must be the target audience. On 100 pages, this booklet literally overflows with photographs and maps. The coverage is very diligent – involvement of Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force as well as Special Forces have dedicated sections. Major combat actions, such as Battle of Kapyong have its own short articles and overall the book is focused on telling the story of the Canadians who lived and fought through this war. It is difficult to find any shortcomings, I would personally welcome if the publication would be little more extensive, but that’s very minor point.

For anybody interested in the Canadian Military history, this publication should not be missing on the bookshelf. For armour enthusiasts this publications nice collection of reference photographs (generally here is not that many of them). It can be obtained in any bookstores or any good place selling magazines (in Canada, I’m not sure if anyone from abroad would be interested).

For more information, see website of the Legion Magazine here.

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