HeritageCon 2013

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum near Hamilton was the go-to place for local modellers again on last Sunday. HeritageCon is one of the regular events for all the fans of modelling and this weekend was again the time to see who has built what, meet friends, discuss and critique models, check out the museum, you know it.

I paid a quick visit and as usual, you can find my full photo report here. There were few interesting pieces on the display tables, but overall the quality was varied… Again, I have not brought anything, so I should be the last one to complain, but I expected higher quality of armour models. It’s sad to see nicely built model painted without a touch of finesse in painting or even a hint of weathering. But you can judge based on the pictures yourself. Not to sound too negative, I must say there were some very nice models to be seen – nicely painted KV-85, German 21cm morser (which I have in my stash and feel quite inspired to pull it out), Russian Matilda (Harvey was it yours?) and Humber armored car were in my opinion medal candidates in their categories.

In any case, thanks go to the organizers for another well prepared event, I am already looking forward to the next year, hopefully I won’t come with empty hands…

HeritageCon 2013 full photo report

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