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Voroshilovets Artillery tractor – Part 10: Cargo cover


Having been working on the tarps for the Abrams, I used the occasion to make some progress on the Voroshilovets. Against my original intentions I decided to used the tarp for the cargo bed. It is actually very nicely molded in one piece and adds different shape to the vehicle. To add bit of a visual interest I cut two small rectangles from the rolled sheet of magic sculp I was using for Abrams stowage and used them as a patches on the top of the tarp. Just a small bit, but makes a difference. I used broken tip of an X-acto blade to simulate stitching along the edges. It might be bit too heavy, but as good as I could get.

Another addition to this model are going to be tracks – I have actually picked up Friul tracks for a fair price at my favourite Hornet Hobbies store to replace the kit’s plastic one. Friul tracks are sooo much better and must admit also much easier to put together. Kit tracks are fair but require lot of cleaning and the fit is so-so. I have already painted them with the base colour, they are just waiting for some weathering touch.

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