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Ford G917T – Part 5: Windowpanes


There was one particular step in the construction process of which I was afraid as I wasn’t sure on how to do it – installation of the window panes. In the past I had troubles when after I have attached them into their place, the cement has created silvering effect along the edges of the windows, which of course this can be seen from outside.

So for some time I was contemplating on what would be the best, and “safest” method of their installation. My first idea came from the Flightlines modelling clinic with Tony Bell, who painted the edges of the clear parts with decanted Black paint (if I recall correctly it was Citadel’s Chaos Black), put them into their place and the used the superglue to fix them by using a capillary action of the glue.

I tried to replicate this method, but when I attempted to paint the edges of the clear parts with the Alclad’s black lacquer primer, as this was the closest paint I had to decanted black paint, I found out that the paint’s consistency is not right for hand painting. Not good.

Then I decided to go for my trusted Tamiya Super Thin Cement. I recalled that long time ago, when I was trying to cement some clear parts I have used the white glue and also special clear parts glue to attach them, but I found them hard to work with and frustrated I used the Tamiya Super Thin Cement. To my surprise it has worked perfectly and has left no marks or silvering whatsoever.

So the process I have used was as follows: I placed the clear part in the window cut out. I used the finest brush – I dipped it into the Tamiya Cement and then just gently touched the gap between the clear part and the window frame from the inside of the cab and let the capillary action spread the glue (it is rather thin as the name indicates) along the edges of the clear part. I tried to avoid leaving any marks on the painted frames, though these will not be visible as the doors ill be closed and windows dusted, so it wouldn’t be much of an issue anyhow.

I have tested this approach on the rear window of the cab as this will be the one least visible. The cement worked perfectly, left no visible effect on the edges of the clear parts and even the painted frames were untouched. To be more on the safe side I did not apply the glue along the bottom edge of the windows as this one will be the most visible from outside and attaching them at three sides should be more than enough to fix the panes into place.

So it seems I have found the perfect way of mounting the clear parts, I actually replicated the same method to fix the clear parts for the front lights. Again, no problem.

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