Stalingrad movie – set photos


Recently I have posted a news about the new movie on the Battle of Stalingrad, which is currently in the making in Russia (see the post here). Few days ago I have found (again thanks to facebook) link to a site,  which contains number of photographs from the sets of this new movie. In the absence of high quality colour photographs from the WWII era, especially photographs from the frontlines, the photos on this page are perhaps as close substitute as you could find.

I personally find these pictures amazing. Producers of the movie clearly went to a great length to recreate the reality of WWII for the movie. Some of the scenes that you can see on the historical photos are meticulously recreated, it’s almost hard to believe, these are not the actual historical photos.

I find each single of the photos full of inspiration for a diorama, sometimes in just a small details that make that difference between some vehicle and figures dropped on a base and truly great diorama piece.

My thanks go to the author of these great photographs…

See them here.

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